Crowdsourcing Week is thrilled to announce the upcoming CSW Summit Tehran on May 20, 2016, in partnership with Eventbox, an events marketing and management platform. The agenda will focus on the crowdfunding and collaborative approaches that define a sharing economy.

CSW Summit Tehran aims to spark ideas among participants on how to make the Internet a catalyst for social productivity, engage Iranian decision makers and entrepreneurs, and connect them with global experts in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.  The action-packed event will feature keynote presentations, case studies, and interactive sessions led by Paul Niederer, CEO of ASSOB, first equity crowdfunding platform in the world, Genny Ghanimeh, founder and CEO, Mouna Aouri Langendorf, founder of Woomentum among others.

“Crowdsourcing is a buzz word today, what is missing though is the depth of knowledge that individuals and businesses need, to truly make the most of social connections powered by the Internet. We are very excited to empower and inspire Tehran’s entrepreneurs and budding talents through this summit,” says Epi Ludvik Nekaj, CEO of Crowdsourcing Week.

In the wake of significant growth for crowd applications across North American, Asian, and European markets, the Middle East region is exploring how digital crowds can contribute to innovation and build a strong collaborative mindset in a growing Internet community.

Sara Mohammadi, co-founder of Eventbox said, “Iran has only recently begun to explore the potential of crowdsourcing, with the focus for now mainly on one aspect of it – which is crowdfunding. I strongly believe that many social and economic challenges can be tackled by harnessing the benefits of crowdsourcing in Iran.”

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