The countdown has begun: Three weeks to submit your creative graphic designs for CSW Global 2015 and to win a grand prize and worldwide recognition!

For the third consecutive year we have collaborated with Talent House India, to launch a search for crowdsourced graphic designs to be used in conjunction with CSW Global 2015. The third edition of the annual global meet for the crowd economy will take place in Singapore from April 20-24 2015. We are looking for graphic designs that will appear on notebook covers, tote bags, USB drivers and other merchandise products. There are no restrictions on creativity – designs can be as imaginative and cutting edge as you wish!

There are only a few essential guidelines: include the CSW logo, presenting a mockup of how the designs will look on products and following our theme ‘I am disruptive’.

About our theme:

I’m Disruptive has become a mantra within Crowdsourcing Week where we continuously challenge ourselves and our partners to rethink ‘business as usual’ as we work towards our mission to democratize opportunity and pave the transition toward a more open and collaborative economy. Now, we are ready and thrilled to spread the message through unique merchandise designed by YOU.




We are equally thrilled to work with the brilliant team at Talenthouse India who have been steadfast partners from the onset. A special shoutout to Arun Mehra (CEO, Talenthouse India) and his whole team including, Aman Bahl and Gloria Salis.

This is the third time that we seeking creative ideas from the crowd for our CSW Global conference – and we have never been disappointed! Check out the designs we crowdsourced for t-shirts in 2013 and posters in  2014 and get some inspiration! We are excited about this co-creation and are really looking forward to see what you come up with.

See all terms and conditions for this year’s contest here and submit your design by February 23. One week of voting and we are ready to announce our winners by March 2. So hurry up,  tap into your creative powers and become a part of CSW Global 2015.


CSW Global 2015 coming to Singapore, April 20-24 is an annual conference gathering decision makers from various sectors to share and learn best practices on the collaborative economy, that are fundamentally changing society, mindsets and possibilities for finance, business, government and non-profits.