Crowdsourcing is a global practice, and we are excited to bring Iran’s first action-packed crowdsourcing summit to Tehran and showcase leading edge innovations in the crowd economy to an audience hungry for encouragement and opportunities in the business of sharing. It’s a ‘must-attend event’ for entrepreneurs, c-suites levels, start-ups, and non-profit organizations who would like to harness open and collaborative solutions.

“Crowdsourcing Week is a global platform for innovators in crowdsourcing, and hard on the heels of a successful CSW Global 2016 Conference in London we are producing and hosting the CSW Summit Tehran at the Iran National Library on May 20, 2016,” says Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Founder and CEO of Crowdsourcing Week and an event speaker.

Limited 2-4-1 and individual tickets remain available. Grab your ticket now to take your place at what we expect to be a fantastic event. Get all the details on the CSW Summit Tehran here and follow the event at #CSWTehran on social media.

Hamidreza HabibiHighlights among dozens of international and Iranian speakers include a session on Crowdsourcing in Iran, presented by Dr. Hamidreza Habibi (left),  Marketing Manager at Pishgaman Mehr Saba and a PhD student at the University of Tehran.

A panel on crowdfunding and regulatory issues in Iran will be moderated by Ebad Ebadi, a graduate of the London School of Economics and a lecturer at the University of Tehran. At Arman Roshan Arg he has assessed and evaluated business models for startups that are working in Iran.

Jeremiah Smith, Co-founder, Startup TrackerFrom India, Osama Manzar, the founder of the Digital Empowerment Foundation in 2003, presents Digital Empowerment for Millions, and from the UK, Jeremiah Smith of Startuptracker (right) will talk on Crowdfunding for Startups.

The question of Is Sharing for Smart Cities? will be addressed by Junaid Iqbal, one of the youngest CEOs in Pakistan’s financial sector and Managing Director of Careem.

Arash BarahmandThe final panel session of the event on Global Challenges in the Crowd Economy will be moderated by Arash Barahmand, editor in chief and co- founder of Peivast monthly.



What else you can expect at CSW Summit Tehran:

  • The summit will be an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge with innovators and change makers in Iran and neighbouring territories.
  • CSW Summit Tehran will beam via multiple social media channels
  • Crowdsourcing Tourism tagline for Iran
  • Everything you would expect from Crowdsourcing Week Summit!

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