Crowdsourcing and New Energy Models – Join the Brainstorm Session, November 5


Oct 27, 2015

Calling all energy industry experts and crowd economy enthusiasts! On the heels of a successful Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2015 conference, here’s a post-#CSWEurope15 hangover treat for everyone.

We are inviting you to join the Crowd Energy Brainstorm session on November 5, 8:00 PM CET hosted by Synthetron and Crowdsourcing Week to discuss the best practices and solutions on how to best develop a crowd energy market.

This free, comprehensive, anonymous brainstorm session aims to identify insights and solutions to develop a crowd-based energy market; you will have the opportunity to share ideas and also learn from other participants and receive exclusive access to the full report that draws conclusions from the discussions.

Whether you are just new in the industry, have common knowledge or a veteran in the field, this will brainstorm session is an eye-opener for you to understand better crowd-driven solutions in the energy vertical.

Facilitators of the Crowd Energy Brainstorm

Joanne Celens, CEO, Synthetron

crowdsourcingweekeurope2015-joannecelensJoanne co-founded Synthetron and has been its CEO since 2007. For more than ten years, she has worked on stakeholder engagement in online crowdsourcing and co-creation dialogues and specializes in distilling the best ideas from large groups of corporate and civil society. Joanne studied business at the University of Leuven and international relations at the Johns Hopkins University SAIS Bologna Center. She worked 18 years for Shell in various international management positions. A Belgian national, she has lived and worked in many countries and now resides with her family in Brussels.

Carl Malbrain, Chairman, Energy Decentralization & Innovation, CSW2

csweurope2015-carlmalbrainCarl has held senior management positions in the energy, water & environmental sectors for the last thirty (30) years both in the U.S. and Europe. He has an engineering degree from the KULeuven, a MSc in nuclear engineering and a Ph.D. in energy technology & policy from MIT. Currently, Carl is an independent consultant & senior advisor, and managing partner of Pi Capital Fund, providing growth capital to SME’s in Belgium. Carl is President of the MIT Club of Belgium and Chairman of Blijdorp, a non-profit organization helping disabled people in Belgium and Romania.

Erwin van Laethem, CEO, Positron

csweurope15-vanlaethemerwinIn his former position as CEO, Erwin established Essent as the undisputed leader in the energy market in Netherlands and contributed to the ‘Energy Agreement’ with more than 40 stakeholder groups. As Chief Innovation Officer of RWE, he initiated and led the development of disruptive de-central business models based on o.a. big data and digital, and established innovation hubs in Silicon Valley, Berlin, London, Tel Aviv & Johannesburg.

Check the time: November 5, 2015, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM, CET.

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Crowd Energy Brainstorm Session








About Author

About Author

Maria Krisette Capati 玛丽亚

Maria is the Editorial Associate of Crowdsourcing Week in charge of media outreach. She's a major of Business Management and Entrepreneurship and an advocate of faith-based non-profit organizations, women's, and children's rights. When she's not writing and dabbling with the Crowdsourcing Week team, she satiates her wanderlust and travel around Asia.

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