Newly Announced Speakers at CSW Global 2015 will Talk Crowd Finance, Crypto 2.0, Creative Crowds and Cloud Computing

Written by Yuliya Hudoshnyk

Jan 21, 2015

Emerging trends in Crowd Finance, Crowdsourced Art, Crypto 2.0 and the Cloud will be talk of the town, April 20-24 at CSW Global 2015 in Singapore. Take a peek below and meet the brains behind the cutting-edge ideas coming to Asia this spring!

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Nagarajan Rao – Senior Vice President of Product and Strategy, Transpay



As Senior Vice President of Product and Strategy at Transpay, Nagarajan Rao is a specialist in the high-volume, low-value payments industry. He works daily with SMBs and growth companies to create mass payments solutions.  Rao began his career more than 15 years ago on the opposite side of the spectrum, minimizing high-value foreign exchange risk for Fortune 500 companies. At Transpay, Rao has overseen the development of a robust, end-to-end payment platform that allows crowdfunding businesses and other organizations to easily plug into the company’s self-owned global banking network, offering both white-labeled and branded mass payments options. Rao and his team work regularly with crowdsourcing companies and online marketplaces, including ODesk, Ziptask and a multitude of other clients..


Leo Shimada, Co-Founder and CEO, Crowdonomic Media

 LinkedIn | Twitter

Leo Shimada represents the biggest crowdfunding platform in South East Asia, Crowdnomic Media. He started his career at McKinsey & Company in Tokyo, worked with top companies and has been helping to launch new businesses across Asia. He is an opinion leader and a widely recognized public speaker. We had a pleasure to have Leo  Shimada on board during CSW 2013 with a speech on latest trends and predictions for future. What to expect now?


Dennis List, CPO and Co-Founder, ROCKI

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Rocking the marriage of music + technology, Dennis List co-founded a startup that transforms regular speakers into a wifi setup. Free Your Music campaign raised $200K in 3 weeks and made a tiny music device, ROCKI,  accessible for zealous listeners. Dennis runs product development, marketing, operations and sales at ROCKI, a company that incorporates innovating with its crowd into its core.


Arun Mehra, CEO, Talenthouse India

LinkedIn | Twitter


Arun Mehra has been working for two decades in the entertainment industry. Now he fits this experience into Talenthouse India, a creative collaboration platform. This is the place where brands meet creators who are willing to share their works. Since crowdsourcing the Rupee Symbol for the Indian Government, many initiatives have risen to involve crowd creativity. As Arun Mehra says, “crowdsourcing needs a change of a mindset”. Talenthouse India is a product of such change.


David Moskowitz, Founder, Coin Republic

 LinkedIn | Twitter

 coin republic

A Bitcoin evangelist. David founded Coin Republic, platform that enables purchasing Bitcoins in Singapore. His expertise in marketing and distribution of digital media has now turned into promotion of Bitcoin as a reliable alternative. Singapore became the second country in the world to regulate the virtual currency. Hear David talk to BBC about what this change entails.


Bernie Trudel, Head of Data Center Technologies, Cisco



Bernie Trudel has been in the technology sector for the last 30 years building solutions for enterprises and  coaching how to use cloud services. As a Chairman of the Asian Cloud Association, he believes in the power of the cloud. And the crowd. After all, cloud gives geographical freedom and opens space for various types of services. Crowd and cloud rhyme well. Can they be synonymous?

In April 2015, 400+ delegates will gather in Singapore to participate in more than 50 sessions at the largest global meet on the crowd economy. Limited Insider rate tickets are SOLD OUT. Get your tickets at a 58% discount!

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About Author

About Author

Yuliya Hudoshnyk

Yuliya is a journalist currently pursuing her Master degree in Global Studies in Denmark. She is interested in local initiatives that turn into global trends and the role of media in supporting the process. As a communications manager she has been cooperating with various NGOs and contributed to international trainings in creativity and entrepreneurship.

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