PANEL: Crowds Meet Mobility – Generating Positive Disruption

Alex Gaschard, Els Ampe, Filip Nuytemans, Jan Lüdtke, Roger Kesteloot, Shana Smeets, Theo Priestley

Disruptive ridesharing startups – CarAmigo, BlaBlaCar and Uber – debate the future of mobility, together with government and public transportation leaders, in this all-star panel discussion.

In the mind of some current governments, these disruptive startups are something to resist, while in the mind of the users, traditional mobility models (taxis, subways) and alternative models (Uber, BlaBlaCar) already coexist.

In the future however, traditional and new mobility systems will not merely coexist – they will cocreate. Public transport sectors will look for private partnerships and cocreate.The mobility system of the future will be where systems are combined… there will be blurring of lines, a combination of private and public, individual and collective modes of transport. Will our regulations, mindset, and infrastructure be ready? Find out in this fascinating discussion.

You will learn:
– How will disruptive companies change the way we treat mobility in the future?
– The debate between consumer ratings (self-regulation) vs government regulations
– Why safer, self-driving cars will entirely change the place of cars in society
– How much has data played a role in the success of new mobility models?
– Why the major challenge for the future of mobility is not climate change, but space

Oct 21, 2015

11:45 - 12:45

Chancellery Auditorium



Alex Gaschard


Els Ampe


Filip Nuytemans


Jan Lüdtke


Roger Kesteloot


Shana Smeets


Theo Priestley