There are three weeks to go before CSW Global 2016 takes London by storm, bringing together some of the brightest and most innovative minds and pioneers leading the shift to the crowd economy.

With the theme Great Challenges, Massive Opportunities, CSW Global 2016 will take an unparalleled look at the disruptive forces facing companies today and the massive opportunities, technological innovations and new markets powered by the crowd.

The 5-day global conference covers actionable topics in crowdsourcing, collaborative innovation and crowdfunding that are increasingly required to thrive in the new economy. Whether crowdsourcing is a term that’s sparked your curiosity or a practice you use every day, the sessions will inspire with new ideas, insights, and skills to understand and embrace the crowd economy into your organization.

Across the event, each of our four signature session series is designed to highlight a different area of focus. These are interactive and collaborative exercises, #CoLab sessions; learning via case studies #Breakthrough sessions; harnessing the crowd for growth #Accelerate sessions; and uncovering major trends in the crowd economy #Hot-Topic sessions. One of each signature session occurs every day and our signature session speakers are set to engage with the attendees in fun, creative and interactive ways.

1. What are #COLAB SESSIONS?

Warning! These sessions are highly collaborative. You are guaranteed to experience highly interactive exercises and hands-on learning facilitated by the speakers.

Watch out for these #CoLab sessions…

Day 2: Crowded Cases: How Do We Crowdfund Well Together? | Chris Buckingham, Minivation

Day 3: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about the Sharing Economy but were Afraid to Ask | Benita Matofska, The People Who Share

Day 4: Unlocking Open Innovation Ecosystems | Roland Harwood, 100% Open


The name speaks for itself. During these sessions, you will learn to harness crowd-driven principles through detailed case studies presented by experienced practitioners—who will divulge the secrets of how their companies have achieved breakthroughs by tapping the crowd.

Watch out for these #Breakthrough sessions…

Day 2: Oldest Museum, Newest Ideas: Revolutionising the Accessibility of World Famous Artworks | Fr. Mark Haydu, Patrum, The Vatican

Day 3: Disruption at Scale: Seeing it, Doing it, Harnessing it, Guiding it | Robin Chase, ZipCar

Day 4: Crowdsourcing Innovation: Real Life Stories | Rob Wilmot, Crowdcity


What’s hot in crowd economy? In these sessions, one speaker per day will dive deep into a major trend impacting crowdsourcing and crowd economy.

Watch out for these #Hot-Topic sessions…

Day 2: The Internet of Value | Chris Skinner, The Financial Services Club

Day 3: The Future of Personal Data and Identity: Crowdsourcing Identity Credentials | Robin Tombs, Yoti

Day 4: Gamification, Crowdsourcing & Big Data: The Convergence Point – Are We Here? |

Rajiv Vaid Basaiawmoit, Aarhus University


Gain actionable and practical tips to help you grow, scale, accelerate as you infuse crowd-powered principles in your organizations.

Watch out for these #Accelerate sessions…

Day 2: Crowdfunding: The New Seed-funding for the Collaborative Economy | Barry James, The Crowd Funding Centre

Day 3: Building a Global Crowdsourced IoT Data Network in 6 Months | Wienke Giezeman, The Things Network

Day 4: Do Intelligent Questions Generate Intelligent Crowds? | Joanne Celens, Synthetron

For more details, you can check the full agenda here.