What a week it has been! We have come to the end of an amazing week in Singapore that brought together the global community of innovators in the crowd economy and it truly has been exhilarating to listen to inspiring work that is changing the paradigm and disruption old and inefficient systems.

Every day of the conference program featured 15+ sessions from global thought leaders and panel discussions that engaged the audience. The event showcased exciting announcements from companies like StarHub, Crowdsourcing Week to talks featuring brands, governments, non profits, media, journalism, crowdfunding, new business models and mindsets, the content had the participants at the edge of their seats – with a lot of great content and predictions for the year to come. From Bryan Kramer’s group selfie (or Groupie!) that made the rounds on social media to Luke Barrington’s crowdsourced search for MH370 and Mark Philpott’s journey from corporate executive to living a “crowdsourced” life with a purpose – all had the crowd engaged and soaking in all the new information.

Participants and speakers from 30 countries mingled freely, exchanging experiences and stories on the the prospects and potential of the crowd economy. Jeremiah Owyang made some bold predictions for the sharing economy in the coming months (video with the prediction will be uploaded soon!) Nick NM Yap and Paul Niederer stole the show with their stellar presentations on crowdfunding and raising money on reward and equity based crowdfunding. Sean Moffitt’s expert analysis on the global crowdsourcing survey completed by crowd experts from across the world provided great insights on the  current and future prospects of crowdsourcing. Maria Ressa and Nanjira Sambuli highlighted crowd applications for civic activities, disaster relief and humanitarian work. Mark Sundholm, UN delivered an exclusive recorded message to the audience on its efforts to invite participation from the audience on important global issues.

(View our photo albums for the event on Facebook – Opening Night, Tuesday-Wednesday (April 8-9), Thursday-Friday (April 10-11))

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This event would not have been possible without our global partner StarHub, other sponsors, partners and supporting organizations, our wonderful interns and all the volunteers who helped us put up a great event and welcome our participants from across the world!