Summit: 2nd Round of Fellows Join the YAP Initiative in Venice

More good news coming: we have selected a second round of YAP fellows to participate in CSW Venice Summit! These brilliant young minds will join the change makers of our YAP initiative and become a part of an aspiring community in the crowd economy. Let’s introduce you to the new members of our YAP family! […]

Written by Yuliya Hudoshnyk

Mar 2, 2015

More good news coming: we have selected a second round of YAP fellows to participate in CSW Venice Summit! These brilliant young minds will join the change makers of our YAP initiative and become a part of an aspiring community in the crowd economy. Let’s introduce you to the new members of our YAP family!

The YAP program is a vital part of our work in CSW. We want  young leaders to meet, share knowledge and grow together. We’ve started CSW YAP program with CSW Europe in Copenhagen in the autumn of 2014 and it has since given young professionals (see here and here) a promising opportunity to learn about crowd economy applications and network  with leading practitioners at our events.

Our first group  of YAP fellows for the upcoming CSW Summit in Venice was selected last week. Now we are pleased to introduce the second and the final round of fellows. Warm welcome to CSW community, new YAP fellows!

Sofia Spiga

LinkedIn | Twitter


“I want to know more about crowdsourcing, because then I can do better as a young entrepreneur and a leader. It requires the bottom-up approach to mobilize citizens, make them co-create and co-construct to find solutions together. I strongly believe that technology can solve (or help to solve) social problems.”
Work focus:
 I cofounded, a social network where we put on the sharing economy strategy. We want it to become a great tool for people to help each other, improve competences and take part in volunteering projects.

Pavel Kucherbaev

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pavel“Creating things” – whether it is an innovative web service, a profitable business or an emotional article – is what I Do love. In 2008 I started my first business, showing the Moon through a set of telescopes to people in public places in my native city. In the end I showed the Moon to several thousands of people. I am passionate about making this world a better place and definitely have something to contribute with to the crowdsourcing community.”

Work focus:

I am a PhD student working on micro-task crowdsourcing. In the frame of my research activities I develop a mobile crowdsourcing platform, and a dropbox-integrated crowdsourcing application Prior to that I had an internship at CrowdFlower in San Francisco.

Bernaba Balili

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“I think that crowsourcing and all what it concerns is the new frontier of online working and, more specifically, of co-working. It gives people the chance to know different realities (no matter what they are about), cultures, ways of doing businesses by bringing together those who are not necessarily physically connected.”

 Work focus:
Right now I’m working for an innovative startup Uimbo. Our goal is to help businesses evolve by being more social. Being innovative is not only a word –  you have to be one step ahead the others; you have to be proactive, you have to know your users’ needs before they know it.

Giacomo Legnaro

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giacomo legnaro

“I’m hungry to make impossible things possible. I think that CSW Summit can be a beautiful opportunity for us to discuss new ways to see business of the future and to improve it.”

Work focus:
I work for defining what will the work’s characteristics be like in the future. I am ambitious about foreseeing and eventually developing potential scenarios.

Giuseppe Castellucci

giuseppe (2)
“Despite all difficulties and all the chances to live abroad I decided to remain in Sicily with the aim of being a catalyst of sustainable innovation. I feel on my shoulders the responsibility of pushing local communities towards alternative thinking breaking old (and distorted) development schemes.”
Work focus:
I am wearing many hats: I’m a co-working space manager, a social activist, a software engineer and an organizer of the project Sementor where I help our fellows to raise resources (funds or work). In all of these fields I am eager to improve my competences to enable collaborative approaches to problem solving, to develop better crowdsourcing platforms and share meaningful stories.

Silvia Manduchi

“I want to become a “creative leader” in the future. I want to connect real business experiences with marketing. Crowdsourcing is the part of the actual trend toward collaborative marketing, where consumers are seen almost as marketers. Companies should be aware of that trend and invest in co-creation.”
Work focus:
After participating in H-FASHION this autumn I understood that subjects I used to study in marketing classes have practical application for companies. I am fascinated by the new concept of Marketing 3.0. and its potential. Marketing is changing and I am glad to work in this disruptive age.


Nicolo Vio

nicolo“I am curious how crowdfunding can change the way we run businesses. There is still a gap in knowledge in our communities and I want to fill it in with the YAP program.”

Work focus:

I am attending a Master degree course in Business Administration in Padua. As I plan to write my thesis about the potential of crowdfunding, I find CSW to be a great place to collect data and integrate it into my future work.
Congrats, guys, we look forward to meeting you all in Italy! CSW Summit Venice will take place at H-Farm Ventureson March 5 & 6, 2015. It is the place where innovators, developers, entrepreneurs and all interested in new trends will meet and discuss the future of Italy’s crowdsourcing. Our YAP fellows have Full Access Pass to CSW Summit Venice and access to CSW’s network of leaders in the field. They will also be automatic members of our global youth innovator community and continue to benefit from CSW projects and initiatives.
Are you inspired by the stories of these young fellows and would like to join the YAP club? Keep an eye out for our call for YAP for Crowdsourcing Week Global 2015, in Singapore!
About Author

About Author

Yuliya Hudoshnyk

Yuliya is a journalist currently pursuing her Master degree in Global Studies in Denmark. She is interested in local initiatives that turn into global trends and the role of media in supporting the process. As a communications manager she has been cooperating with various NGOs and contributed to international trainings in creativity and entrepreneurship.

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