We are pleased to share that after more than 3 years of actively building and shaping Crowdsourcing Week events around the world through content and speaker curation, Priti Ambani is stepping down as Global Media Director and moving into a new role.

As part of a long-term strategic vision, Priti will now be involved with building CSW2, Crowdsourcing Week’s consulting arm, a global action-tank that helps organizations create value with crowds. She will work with CSW2’s core team to expand its crowd business advisory services in the Asia Pacific and Oceania regions.

priti-ambani-csw2-principal-strategy-consultantThat’s not all! Priti is joining The Next Billion as Cofounder and COO where she will help build the first impact driven crowdfunding platform for women entrepreneurs enabling an ecosystem that provides women in business access to finance, markets, skills and mentors.

Why? Because female entrepreneurship is no longer just a gender issue, it’s an economic issue. Her ambitious goal is to unlock and invest in women’s economic potential through entrepreneurship as a catalyst for positive change to local, national and global economies.

The Next Billion will provide the growing number of female-led enterprises worldwide with ‘Access to growth opportunities’ in the form of: Access to Finance, Access to (Business/Development) skills, Access to Markets and Access to A Network of Inspirational Role Models – all under one roof.

We are ecstatic about the new opportunities Priti will be pursuing both at CSW2 and The Next Billion and looking forward to the impact she is sure to deliver!

CSW2 helps organizations and innovators looking to embed the power of the crowd in their products and services, and connect the dots in the global crowd-powered marketplace. CSW2 services like ROW (Rapid Orientation Workshops) are uniquely designed to help businesses, governments, innovators and not-for-profits tackle risk mitigation and stakeholder orientation while creating a culture of openness and innovation. CSW2 offer advisory services and serve as a catalyst to help organizations take a holistic look at their operations, engage their stakeholders and create long-term value.

The Next Billion is building the world’s 1st impact-driven crowdfunding platform inspired by the principles of impact investing and venture philanthropy, where female entrepreneurs and female led-enterprises are the primary focus for investment. The goal is to help female-led enterprises raise the necessary capital needed to start, scale, grow and lead successful and economically sustainable businesses.

Follow Priti @envirotarian on Twitter and LinkedIn