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‘The Future of Crowdfunding’, the first conference in Berlin to focus on the long-term implications of crowdfunding, its legal and cultural challenges, will be held in on  April 17 at the IHK Berlin.

ikosom logo‘The Future of Crowdfunding’ conference in Berlin, Germany on April 17 is organized by ikosom (Institut fűr Kommunikation in Sozialen Medien), a private research institute with expertise in digital communication as it pertains to community management, digital fundraising, government 2.0, e-participation and legal issues. The conference will discuss the legal and cultural challenges to make crowdfunding available for citizens in order to fund public infrastructure and will bring together experts on crowdfunding platforms and legislation.

The conference brings together crowdfunding experts from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Belgium and Italy featuring talks on Architecture and infrastructure, co-financing, crowdinvesting and funding.

Crowdlounge, April 16, 6 – 8 pm

The conference will kick-off with a Crowdlounge on April 16 which focusses on three crowdinvesting projects from Berlin and their crowdfunding campaigns. The event his held in German language, translation cannot be provided. The kick-off event is free of charge but registration is necessary (Register here for Crowdlounge).

Crowdinvesting-Conference, April 17th, 9am-5pm

The conference itself will feature keynotes and panel discussions on a variety of topics realated to crowdfunding and crowd investing from industry experts and thought leaders.

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The event will culminate in an invite -only dinner on April 17 that will allow further networking with conference attendees, speakers, partners and sponsors.

‘The Future of Crowdfunding’ is part of a series of global one-day summits preceding Crowdsourcing Week in Singapore (CSW), the first global event on crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and open innovation, June 3-7.

Karsten Wenzlaff, Founder and Partner at ikosom says: “The Future of Crowdfunding, will bring together thought leaders of crowdfunding and crowdinvesting from all over Europe. It will tackle important issues, such as how to implement crowdinvesting for public infrastructure. Ahead of the Crowdsourcing Week in Singapore, it will be a great event to highlight the great transformations done by the crowd.”

In addition to organizing Crowdfunding Day, ikosom, along with partners at Douw&Koren and Crowdsourcing Week, are crowdfunding a publication about visions on the future of crowdfunding in Europe. Join us in making this happen: support us by pre-ordering your copy or sharing your own vision on the future of crowdfunding!

The one-day summit in Berlin is one of three major events that highlight emerging trends in crowdsourcing, open innovation and crowdfunding in Europe. The other two events will be held in Amsterdam and Warsaw. Under the theme ‘The Road to CSW Singapore’ these summits will add to CSW’s agenda to offer a global platform for innovation, efficiency and social responsibility to help organizations transform and adapt in this new digital economy.