Crowdsourcing Social Good

Arnaud Mourot

Arnaud will explain how crowds and social innovation can fill the gaps in education and employment and bolster an active citizen sector. Ahsoka is a network of social entrepreneurs. In this keynote, Arnaud Mourot shares the organization’s initiatives, how it is evolving and tackling social issues via crowdsourcing. Arnaud also shares interesting stories on how crowdsourcing can be a tool to access innovative ideas. “It is pretty interesting to see that people with crazy ideas, sometimes can have tremendous impact.”

What you will learn:

– Brief history of Ashoka’s initiatives and accomplishments
– How to connect entrepreneurs within the ecosystem, and develop and foster co-creation
– How to empower social entrepreneurs and be engaged on social issues

Oct 22, 2015

15:05 - 15:30

Chancellery Auditorium


Arnaud Mourot