5 BOLD Questions That Will Be Tackled at CSW Global 2016

With just a week to go until CSW Global 2016, now is the perfect time to share some of the questions that will be tackled during the event. As London get’s ready to host five days of cutting edge content across Crowd Finance and Crowdfunding, Smart Cities and Mobility, and Disruption and Crowd Innovation, let’s get BOLD and […]

Written by Cat Cochrane

Apr 3, 2016

With just a week to go until CSW Global 2016, now is the perfect time to share some of the questions that will be tackled during the event. As London get’s ready to host five days of cutting edge content across Crowd Finance and Crowdfunding, Smart Cities and Mobility, and Disruption and Crowd Innovation, let’s get BOLD and check out just some of the topics that are set to spark the conversation.

Can Banks Afford to Ignore Crowdfunding?

The obvious answer to the question set for the first panel session of the week is perhaps, simply no. That said, we can all look forward to firm insights and top knowledge on the subject by Chris Skinner, independent financial commentator and author of bestseller, ValueWeb. Chris’ book describes the fundamentals driving the processes of the financial revolution and the maturing of fintech. Joining Chris on the panel is researcher and lecturer, Chris Buckingham, whose career path has been guided by a passion for crowdfunding, leading to a respected reputation in designing successful crowdfunding campaign strategies.

Is investor-based equity crowdfunding the hybrid investment model we are awaiting? With Founder and CEO of the first investor-led crowdfunding platform, SyndicateRoom, Goncalo de Vasconcelos, having some vital insights on this particular topic, a few shivers are bound to be sent down the back of any bankers in earshot. Making up this impressive panel quartet is Modwenna Rees-Mogg, bringing 20 years of experience working in corporate finance, business angel investment and venture capital to the table. Having grown AngelNews into the leading information provider and commentator on the business angel market in the UK in the past 12 years, Modwenna is in a perfect position to tackle the many facets of the first bold question on our list.

Is the Sharing Economy an Answer to a Smarter City?

Smart Cities and Mobility is the theme of Day 3 of CSW Global 2016. And what better way to bridge these two hot topics than to throw them together in this one question. Among the four speakers brought together for the midday panel to discuss ideas around the current and future relationship of the sharing economy and the smart city are two of the UK’s most respected transportation entrepreneurs, CEO of Liftshare, Ali Clabburn and Robin Chase, Co-Founder of ZipCar. Between them, Ali and Robin have unparalleled experience in shaping the UK’s car sharing market.

Joining them is Long Pham, who as a Researcher for The International Research Centre will share her work on resident engagement for smart city programs, local policy development and regulation for technology adoption; and Wienke Giezeman, entrepreneur and Initiator of The Things Network, a platform aiming to build a global open crowdsourced Internet of Things data network. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign establishing the platform in late-2015, in a period of six weeks, city-wide coverage of Amsterdam was crowdsourced and implemented with data connectively for things.

Why is Crowdfunding Growing?

While the question might not be bold, the answers behind it certainly are. Goncalo de Vasconcelos will take us through hybrid investment models and share insights into how investment behaviour has changed with rise of crowdfunding.

Switching to a grassroots level, examples of impactful civic crowdfunding campaigns will be spotlighted—in particular those which have helped fund public services, monuments, local projects, museums and public areas. Leaving us with something to ponder, this talk by the SyndicateRoom’s CEO will pose the relevance of civic crowdfunding in today’s context.

Gamification, Crowdsourcing & Big Data – The Convergence Point…Are We Here?

Rajiv Vaid Basaiawmoit, Head of Sci-Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Aarhus University brings this bold question to Day 4. Rajiv’s talk will pinpoint the convergence point at which gamification and crowdsourcing have come together as rising phenomenons, and what the future holds in terms of their working hand-in-hand, or else diverging from each other.

Attendees will see examples of good gamification design and how the crowd is changing the world around us and where participation is not just one-way but two-way. We will also learn some basic gamification design elements that should be considered when planning for effective crowdsourcing in the future.

How Can Crowdsourcing and Machine Learning Help Improve Speech Technology?

Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Echo have had their fair share of column inches in the past few years, with a lot of criticism being tagged to their technologies. Founder and Co-President of DefinedCrowd, Daniella Braga, will raise ideas of how quality can be improved in speech technology and whether crowdsourcing can be a reliable source of data in its future impact. Daniella will also cover privacy issues and how harnessing machine learning and human input can produce powerful results.


Head over to the Crowdsourcing Week Global 2016 hub for more insights, expertise and passion of the thought leaders and innovators speaking at this year’s conference. Join us 11-15 April in London for a week of fresh ideas and insights on the global Crowd Economy. Register here for exclusive pricing, available only for limited time.

About Author

About Author

Cat Cochrane

Cat is an Editorial Partner at Crowdsourcing Week. An award-winning journalist and writer living in Glasgow, Scotland, she can share insights into crowdsourcing and crowdfunding from her time as Project Manager of Dearest Scotland, a non-profit initiative which crowdsourced letters written to the future of her homeland. Cat has worked at Service Design agency Snook, as content writer and digital editor at Tech for Good TV, a platform spotlighting ways people are building and using technology to power social change; and most recently as Communications Manager for the British Council's Creative Economy team.

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