Just Released: CSW Global 2016 Agenda Now Live!

The preliminary agenda for the fourth annual Crowdsourcing Week Global has just been released, and it’s a powerhouse opportunity to learn from the crowd economy’s most brilliant and disruptive minds. We are thrilled to post the initial sessions for each day so you can start planning out your week. Look forward to some exciting keynotes […]

Feb 17, 2016

The preliminary agenda for the fourth annual Crowdsourcing Week Global has just been released, and it’s a powerhouse opportunity to learn from the crowd economy’s most brilliant and disruptive minds.

We are thrilled to post the initial sessions for each day so you can start planning out your week. Look forward to some exciting keynotes along with hands-on learning opportunities during the sessions. As every year, crowdsourcing’s biggest names come together at CSW Global to share insights and views on the present and future of the new collaborative economy.

More than 500 attendees from all over the world and more than 50 prominent speakers set the perfect environment for a revolutionary and innovative dialogue on the new era of collaboration, and among them are the biggest personalities of the industry, like Robin Chase of Zipcar; Goncalo de Vasconcelos of SyndicateRoom, Eric Partaker of Chilango, Father Mark Haydu of the Vatican Museum (yes, The Vatican is crowdsourcing, too!) Peter Bryant of London School of Economics and Political ScienceAli Clabburn of Liftshare, UK’s largest carpooling service and more to come.

Full access passes are priced at £345.00 only at the Early Bird rate!


The exciting part is this is just the preliminary agenda – there will more updates, new sessions and filled gaps between now and conference time. We hope this proves useful for you as you dive into CSW Global 2016. To get a sneak peek of what’s in store for you, here’s a rundown of the weeklong conference.

April 11// Day 1: Opening Night

Crowdsourcing Week Global 2016 will kick-off with Opening Night, a festive reception where you can forge connections with some of the crowdsourcing’s brightest minds while enjoying tasty beverages and hors d’oeuvres. Check out photos from last year’s Opening Night.


April 12 // Day 2: Crowd Finance & Crowdfunding

Expect rapid-fire sessions, workshops, and panel discussions and a jam-packed room as you learn and explore all things crowd finance and crowdfunding with a global perspective, and the challenges and opportunities within.


Highlights of this day:

Can the crowd make successful investments? Goncalo will walk you through the hybrid investment models and help you look at how investment behaviour has changed with the introduction of crowdfunding.

He will share Chilango’s experience in being one of the most successfully funded business to date on Crowdcube (#1 of over 350 funded companies to date with over £5.5 million raised in crowdfunded debt and equity). Chilango was the first company ever to provide mini-bond offers on a crowdfunding platform.

What does future applications of crowdfunding hold for our future? Paul, world’s leading crowdfunding expert will walk you through the transition from centralized to decentralized to distributed networks and examines its effects on the future transactions of businesses. How has the technical and cultural disruption changed us? How can individuals or crowds have an exponential impact today?

April 13 // Day 3: Smart Cities & Mobility

Can the sharing economy go beyond ride shares and profits? With the partnering of sharing economy platforms with traditional organisations such as carmakers (such as GM + Lyft), the Sharing Economy is not only providing job opportunities for gigsters and fostering collaborative consumption, but also forging the concept of smarter cities and mobility across cities worldwide. Here’s what’s in store for you.


Highlights of this day:

In this provocative session, Benita will debunk the myths about the sharing economy and deal with the most controversial issues and criticisms head on. Expect shock and amazement as she reels the truth behind it.

In this session, Robin will walk you through the new organizational paradigm — people + platforms (Peers Inc) — that is changing the way we build businesses, work, and ultimately shape economies. Where do we want this transformation to go?

Ali will debate, what is pure sharing? What is the difference between gifting, swapping, sharing, renting and trading and why does it matter?

Day 4: Crowdsourcing & Crowd Innovation

You’ll never run out of ideas once you collaborate with the crowd. How can you spark crowd innovation within your organization and apply the principles for short- and long-term initiatives? Whether you’re a crowdsourcing newbie, on an intermediate level or a veteran, you’ll be amazed by its timelessness, and the challenges and opportunities it presents.


Highlights of this day:

The session will give an overview of the area of digital citizenship and civic engagement in governmentss, outlining how governments can use crowdsourcing to address a variety of issues. The session will also cover the challenges governments face in designing and using collective intelligence tools. Relevant case studies, such as a recent project crowdsourcing the UK Constitution, will be used to illustrate particular points.

Can crowdsourcing be a reliable source of data for speech technology? How to address quality? How about privacy? What’s the data behind Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana or Amazon Echo? How can Machine Learning be combined with human input in a powerful way? Daniela Braga will answer these questions.

Shelley will discuss how businesses and brands can generate net new participation revenue, build new participation business models, and engage and empower participation communities.

Day 5: Entrepreneurship Day

CSW Global 2016 ends with Entrepreneurship Day, featuring a Crowdfunding Workshop for Entrepreneurs facilitated by Crowdsourcing Week’s CEO, Epi Ludvik Nekaj and COO, Paul Niederer. This 3-hour interactive Crowdfunding Workshop is designed to provide first time or serial entrepreneurs with detailed training and best practices for creating a successful crowdfunding campaign. You can sign up now for an early bird rate.


There will be even more in store for you for the entire week as our crowd partners such as Innate Motion and Synthetron will facilitate exclusive workshops and sessions to be announced in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

Check out the full agenda here for more details.

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